Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Build The Wall (Hopefully With Schummer and Pelosi On The Other Side)

Let's face it - a border wall will never completely stop entry by illegal aliens or smugglers & their contraband but they do work and have a marked effect on curtailing both the illegal entry of aliens and the smuggling of contraband into a country. They also would have enormous beneficial effects on our national security and  economy.

All the best,
Glenn B


Dave Diesel said...

IF, the government considered the border area a threat, It would be protected
better than the White House.
The Government wants it the way it is because it is good for the government,
The people are expendable. The government does nt represent or respect you.
IF you think otherwise prove it.

riverrider said...

Vatican city has walls, nuff said....

skybill said...

Hi Boomer,
We really don't need a wall!! First off.. we have the "Rio Grande from NM to the Gulf... just dredge it a bit deeper where it needs to be.. then extend it to "Imperial Beach, Ca.,".. where it meets the pacific ocean!! Then fill it with surplus (and we have a surplus) of alligators from La., Miss., Ala., Fla., and any other states that want to contribute!! Wall?? Don't need no "WALL!!"

Glenn B said...

I like a wall and a moat infested with Nile Crocs, that would please me just fine so long as there were Border Patrol Agents with instructions to get the few who made it. Since that is not about to happen, a wall would be okay for starters.