Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The Whiners Among Islamic Believers...

...seemingly are very little different than the incessant complainers, moaners and groaners of the far left here in the USA; at least that is my opinion after reading an article about some Muslims reportedly crying foul over the logo Nike has placed on the bottom of some of its shoes (and mind you I said some Muslims because I find it hard to believe all of them are doing so). They, the some Muslims, are saying it is extremely offensive and blasphemous and are demanding Nike gets rid of it, all because they see it as resembling the written word Allah (in Arabic). More at the source.

Here is what they reportedly are deeming offensive:

Now, I looked that over pretty well, then I went online to look up how Allah is written in Arabic. To me it looked nothing like the bottom of that shoe nor any part of the bottom of the show. Here it is, supposedly in Arabic:

Then I figured that Allah may appear differently in other languages and did a search to see if Allah in another language looked like the bottom of Nike's shoes. Once again, to me, the word Allah, written in several languages, did not look even faintly similar to the bottom of those shoes. Take a look for yourself and you tell me - do you see the resemblance? 

This whole brouhaha seems very much like what happens when a leftist here claims something is abhorrently offensive or racist or misogynistic or homophobic but has absolutely no hard cold evidence to back it up; yet other leftists climb aboard and the whole thing spirals out of control for a week or three with them bashing whomever they found to be offensive and often getting companies or individuals to apologize over nothing. Then as suddenly as it sprang from their discontented little minds, it is forgotten and a new anti-anything not leftist (or anti-anything not Muslim, depending on who is found to be offensive on any given day) it is started up all over again in the same manner as before but with a new target. 

My bet is Nike will capitulate, apologize and give money to these Islamic whiners, or to their cause, just to appease them and make them shut up. What a shame. I think, what they should be doing is telling them to get a life and grow and Nike should just keep using a logo as they see fit.

All the best,
Glenn B

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