Saturday, January 12, 2019

Shedding More Tears Over Another One Gone

Sometimes, you pretty much just have to sell some things you would rather not sell, at least I have had to do that. I sold another gun today and man oh man if this is not one to shed some tears over selling then none are worth the remorse.

It was a CZ527 Thumbhole Varmint in 223. I got it as unfired in the box in pristine condition (read that as meaning new) and I sold it in virtually the same condition except for some very small and fine scratches on the scope rail from me trying to mount rings that did not fit. After that, I put it away, bought the rings and an extra mag for it, and never took it out to shoot it. Probably the gun have had for the longest without firing it. I was going to give it to Brendan but he wanted a Savage in 22 WMR that I had so I gave him that one and he loves it.

As for that CZ, it has one heck of a smooth and light trigger. I dried fired it this morning and was amazed at how nice it was for a stock gun. The buyer liked it too. Brought me in some much needed cash that I need for personal reasons but I miss it already anyway. Damn, imagine that, missing a gun I never even fired!

All the best,
Glenn B

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