Sunday, January 6, 2019

Damn - Dinner Was Good - I Am Ready Now... do whatever it takes to blast off into happiness and history. Note, I did not say to blast anyone else; I merely said I'm ready for me to blast off into happiness and history and family history is more than good enough for me what with the meal I just cooked. It was that good of a meal I cooked this evening if I must say so myself but then again even my mother-in-law commented that she liked it (rather unusual for anything I cook).

That dinner of roasted leg of lamb, oven roasted taters, corn, rote kraut (red cabbage), fresh peas and fresh biscuits with butter melted all over them (or at least seeping deeply into mine) was delicious. Add to that an excellent frothy headed Belgian abbey ale - Chimay Grande Reserve - and a bit of a dram larger than a wee one of Kirschwasser and - all I can say is - right now I am a happy, well fed, slightly inebriated fun loving camper.

I just wish I did not have to ruin it all by going to work tomorrow. But such is life - want the good stuff then you need to work to pay for it - at least for we who are not rich and who have a work ethic (then again, I paid for this meal by selling an SKS but I had to work to earn enough to buy the gun in the first place).

That's a nice pic of me up above to convey that mood - don't you think! To say the least - right now I am feeling almost as silly as I look in it but maybe that is the Kirschwasser and ale talking.

All the best,
Glenn B

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