Wednesday, March 7, 2012

RESOLVED - The Best Word In The English Language

There is not a better word in the whole of the English language as far as I am concerned, not even one that comes close to the word RESOLVED.

Resolved was the word my oncologist used today when he told me the results of my PET and CT Scans. It referred to the medical problem that I had, the cancer that was in my right tonsil and in the lymph nodes on the right side of my neck. Resolved = Cured, Resolved = Healthy, Resolved = CANCER FREE.

Perhaps, no not perhaps but rather most definitely, there are two words, when combined, that are better than the word resolved and that is in any language. Two words that have all the power in the world to say what I am feeling and need to say right now:


Thanks to each and every one of you who sent me well wishes, who said prayers for me, who thought of me a lot, or even just once, with the hope that I would recover. If not for all of you and others such as my friends, loved ones and especially my family - and, of course, for the doctors, technicians, nurses and countless others in the medical professions, I would not have pulled through this. I wanted to hug the doc today but figured neither him nor my wife, who was with me at the time, might have been comfortable with that. So, he had to settle for a hand shake and a heart felt thank you.

Let me get back to you guys though, my readers, because you were really wonderful. Some of you I have met, many others I have never met and am unlikely to ever meet; yet, you were pulling for me. You kept my spirits up when everything should have had them dragging through the mud and when I was being dragged down by the muck and the mire it was often a nice word from one of you that pulled me back up again. Resolved - to all of you I owe thanks that I made it through until today when I heard that word.

Thank you,
Glenn B


North said...

Woot! Great, Glenn!

jon spencer said...


Cap'n Bob said...

Be it RESOLVED that nothing like this ever happens again!

Damsel and I are extremely glad for you.

Anonymous said...

Today was my B/D and your voicemail message was a great present. Now for that Partyyyyyyyyyy

Kansas Scout said...

This is wonderful news Glenn! Praise be to God our Father for his blessings. This made my day.

Glenn B said...

Thanks all.

Hey Al, Happy Birthday!

Humble wife said...

A million words scramble in my brain but I cannot form any real clear thoughts!

Glenn~here's a GIANT ((((HUG)))) from NM!!!

wooooooooooohooooooo! yayyayayayyaya!


Happy tears! Lots of smiles~face hurting from the smile that will not leave our faces!!

all the best,
from your friend Jen!!!!

Glenn B said...
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Glenn B said...

Almost the best of all the hugs I have gotten in a long time. Best ones were from my wife and son when they heard the news. This is definitely the best non-family hug!