Thursday, August 24, 2006

Comments, only a few so far....

...what is up with that. I now have a hit counter on the site, and I know I have gotten a fair amount of visitors to the blog since I started it. Yet, I am getting very few comments. Is it difficult to leave comments on this blog? I mean that as a real question. Is there some confusion as to how to do it? I am pretty sure they can be left by registered and unregistered viewers, and can be left with or without a name. Or is it that the rants I leave here are not worth a comment? Heck, even if you don't agree, I would love to hear from you explaining why - so long as it is kept respectable. Won't you please leave a comment for me if you read my blogs, that way I know if they are worth writing as I do them, or if I need to make changes. Thanks.

All the best,
Glenn B


Combat Controller said...

Glen, somefolks just like to browse, and not get in a discussion, this is a common thing on the internet. At hte site we both frequent, only 10% of the traffic on the *forums* have commentators, the rest just read.

Glenn Bartley said...

But I sure do appreciate the comments I get. As a matter of fact I appreciate the people who just stop by to read too. Thanks to all.