Sunday, May 19, 2024

The Pee Test

 So, I have to wonder, did the Trump campaign read my blog post about Trump challenging Biden to submit to a drug test at their first debate. They are demanding Biden submit to one before each debate (more at the source). If they did read what I said, in my blog post at, then it is too bad they are not springing it on Biden as a surprise requirement either as the debate commences or better yet a half hour or more into the debate to assure whatever the Dems hype him up on will be morelikely to test true in his urine sample. My guess is have a great idea but have made it public early through way of piss poor planning. If they had sprung it as a surpise test, Biden probably would have stuttered & stammered, would have refused and probably would have walked off the stage in his usual lost and demented state. Now, if Biden's handlers agree, they can give him something undetectable in a normal drug test since they have time to prepare and know Trump's plan well in advance. It may be outside the rules to spring it as a surprise but it would have hadvthevdesired effect, Biden being dumbfounded by it andvangriky refusing. That would have convinced folks he was high as a kite fir the debates. 
It may wind up that it has never been truer: Proper planning prevents piss poor performance or piss poor plannjng propagates piss poor performance. In this case someone in the Trump campaign is almost definitely guilty of piss poor performance.
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Glenn B

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riverrider said...

don't matter. they'll cheat at that too. or that will give them the out they need to cancel the whole thing. there is no election, its a selection and its already made. but it isn't going to turn out the way they think. regular joe has just about reached that loss of hope that brings on arab spring type activities. life sentences don't scare folks that have no hope and hungry children.