Saturday, June 15, 2024

Ruger Mark IV - Lots Of Fun

 You know she was having fun; just look at her smile:

I have to add that I love the way she reacted by turning to whomever she was with to give that awesome grin while at the same time keeping the pistol pointed in the right direction - downrange. Someone apparently taught her well because many folks wold turn not only their head but the gun as well and it would wind up pointing in a very unsafe direction. No problem with that here though, good discipline on her part. Plus she is one heck of a good looking lady and how can I not appreciate that!
All the best,

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Joe Texan said...

I taught my youngest daughter to shoot using a Ruger Mark III / 45. She's 21 now and shoots better than I do. I've seen that same expression on her face many times since she was 10 years old. I may buy her a Mark IV for her birthday.