Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Westley Richards, What An Amazing Company

I was browsing the Internet, looking for images of gorillas with guns (don't ask why) and I came across this photo of a gorilla engraved onto a gun.

It was pretty stunning and I decided to click on the website associated with it. I was brought right to the "Engravings" page for the Westley Richards site. All I can say is that, if you want to see some exceptionally fine looking masterpieces as far as engraved guns are concerned, click on that link.

I also took a look at the 'The Company' section of their site and have to say that the company has a pretty interesting history. I am not a big buff when it comes to checking out firearms companies but must say this one had some surprising facts listed on that page. Perhaps the one that was most amazing to me was that Westley Richards (the second owner, his father William Westley Richards started it all) was awarded £48,000 in royalties by the British government for patent infringement, of his patent of a hinged falling block breechloader, after the Brits adopted the falling block Martini rifle. Yet, I had never heard of him before.

Anyway, it looks to be an interesting firearms site with a lot more to see, so I figured I would share it with my readers. There home page is at: http://www.westleyrichards.com/ 

I sure would love to visit, and get a guided tour of, their facility in England. I think that would be a truly excellent trip.

All the best,
Glenn  B

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