Thursday, September 19, 2013

In Light of Starbuck's - People Are Saying That No One Should Open Carry...

...because it puts firearms owners in a bad light in that uninformed people are afraid of armed individuals and that the media will show us as armed kooks in public. I say carry away openly if legal. The more we expose ourselves and our firearms to the public, in a rational and courteously calm manner, the sooner the unarmed folks (at least the thinking ones, I am not talking ultra-leftists here) in this country are going to get used to it and accept it. When it becomes commonplace for armed individuals to be walking our streets, it will be, if not acceptable to all, at least tolerable to most of them.

As far as the Starbucks decision goes, I used to visit them with some frequency but as the words just before these indicated - that was in the past. I will probably not buy even another sip of coffee from them nor a morsel of apple fritter. While I always figured they did not actually support the RKBA now, regardless of the words of their CEO, Howard Schultz, I am convinced they not only do not support it, they are absolutely opposed to it.

The really sad thing is though, most of you who carry firearms and who have been patrons of Starbuck's will continue to do so instead of sticking to your guns and bringing your business elsewhere.

One other thing to add, specifically in reference to CEO Schultz saying that people carrying firearms made his other customers nervous. It makes me uncomfortable to think the guy sitting next to me is unarmed and that an armed lunatic may come in and start to hurt people and I am the only one who would be able to defend others. Not having someone in there able to take my back is too scary for me - so no more Starbuck's for me is the only cure for my jittery nerves.

All the best,
Glenn B

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