Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Cold War Is Heating Up And It Has Nothing To Do With Global Warming...

...but it does have to do with this man and his lackeys. The Cold War has effectively been over since the presidency of Ronald Reagan only to be resurrected by Barack Hussein Obama by way of his seemingly bumbling and totally inept handling of foreign affairs (let alone his shameful handling of domestic ones).

This man has far surpassed Jimmy Carter in a downward plunge as the worst president of my lifetime. In my opinion, his liberalism, arrogance, ineptness, bravado, lack of common sense, tactlessness, and sheer stupidity make George W. Bush look like an Einstein among presidents. Make no mistake about it - I think Bush was a liberal twit in many regards but at least he had balls and used them mostly in a wise manner when it came to foreign policy. Not BHO though - he is a man cut of a different cloth for sure.

With Russia and Syria tag teaming us and now ordering us to back off on Syria it is obvious we are losing the newly reincarnated Cold War. Let's hope it does not heat up too much and turn into a hot one with Russia all because of this apparent babbling moron man and the evident idiots like Biden and Kerry within his administration. See these articles:

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