Thursday, September 12, 2013

Next Time You Fill Your Gas Tank...

...try to remember that the high prices of gasoline, in years not too long ago, were attributed to George W. Bush being in bed with oil companies and oil producing nations and that liberals ranted and raved about it incessantly. I have not heard much out of the mouths of libturds in more recent years, seems even they realize it would be pointless to keep blaming current pricing on GWB since Obama has been in office for over 5 years now.

Lest you forget, the price of gasoline when GWB went out was under $2 a gallon. Now it is more than double that. So, the next time you go to the polls to elect a president, remember this:

A hat tip to Lenny D for this one.
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Glenn B


mitchrodee said...

Don't you find it strange that, in 2008, Fox News broadcast many stories explaining that gas prices are based upon market supply and demand, yet today Fox stays mum and doesn't correct those currently blaming Obama? So much for fair and balanced.

Glenn B said...

I have not heard even one liberal blame Obama, not the libtards at Fox, not at CNN, not at MSNBC etc..

mitchrodee said...

Nobody should be blaming any sitting president for the price of gas at the pumps because the price is set by the marketplace, and the worldwide demand for gas has only increasing.

Anyway, in 2008, Fox News took the above position, defending GWB for rising prices. Then, once Obama got into office, they switched their tune 180 degrees. How can any news source do so and remain credible? They can't.

Glenn B said...

So are you trying to imply that ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NBC and all the oithers are fair and bsalanced. They berated GWB as being in bed with the Arabs and with the oil companies, the liberal media outright accused him of criminal acts in that regard, they blatantly blamed him for the rise in gas prices - which by the way fell before he left office to the lowest they have been ever since. Now that Obama is president, Fox is not attacking him, on a daily basis as all the others did GWB, and saying he has caused increases in gas prices. The thing is not one of the liberal news media, those ultra leftists like the ones mentioned above, have once blamed Obama for the prices based on his being in bed with Arab or Muslims. They have not blamed him once for not allowing the oil pipeline from Canada to traverse some of our states, they did not blame him for rising prices based on his inaction in the face of the BP oil spill. Now you say Fox does not correct those blaming Obama - who do you see blaming Obama in the media. Fox's reports, when GWB was given the blame by liberals, were in reply to the attacks by the liberal media on Bush. They gave the balance by showing the side of it that no one else in the media would show when they ganged up against GWB. No one is ganging up on Obama in the media now about oil prices so why would Fox have to come to his support in that regard. You certainly have a way of twisting it to make it look like Fox did something wrong when it is the leftists media arsehats who have been unfair.

You know that the left has not lost a beat in the media. They have it on the front pages of the newspapers that the Navy Yard shooter yesterday killed people with an AR15. The lib politicians and lib gun haters all joined it calling for more control of so called assault weapons. They can seemingly never get it right - can they. The shooter used a shotgun and then also a pistol he took from someone he shot. Law Enforcement has made no mention today that he used an AR15 but boy is the media and the other leftists having a field day saying he did and calling for a ban of those guns. If you don't see that the main stream media is out of its collective mind - then you will never see anything other than what you want to see.

mitchrodee said...

FYI As the story was unfolding, Fox News also reported that the shooter was using an AR-15. Mistakes happen everywhere, even in reporting the news. Eventually, the truth comes out. I take all such late-breaking news reports with a big grain of salt. Everyone should.

But in-depth stories, such as the factors behind the price of gasoline, differ greatly than breaking hard news stories. Fox got it right in 2008 when it explained in various stories and reports that the president does not control the price of oil or gasoline. However, the folks running Fox News chose to flip their position when Obama running for a second term and tried blaming him for the high prices. Anyway, I provided you with links to such video evidence.

Of course, you, however, claim that it was the mainstream media that, on a daily basis, berated "GWB as being in bed with the Arabs and with the oil companies, the liberal media outright accused him of criminal acts in that regard, they blatantly blamed him for the rise in gas prices". Okay, so I ask, Where's your evidence? Please direct me to some links so I can see this "other" stuff that you claim I choose not to see.

Glenn B said...
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Glenn B said...

You certainly are hung up on Fox news.

Glenn B said...

Forgot o include the web address when I first entered this reply, so deleted it, and am reprinting it here:

Here are 15 such examples all rolled up into one video:

How could you imply that this bullshit took place and by asking for proof of it. Are you that liberal, just that forgetful, that moronic, or maybe - and this is probably it - just that contrary and looking to flame and troll.

Here is an example of Chris Matthews bashing the Bush Administration about oil:

Then go to this address and watch the Matthews video in the article in which Matthews tries to blame VP Cheney for the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico that happened under the Obama Administration:

Heck, even the liberal MSNBC realized that Matthews and Olberman went too far in ridiculing Bush and took them down for it:

If you do not recall that stuff, maybe you have had your head buried in the sand way too long.