Monday, September 30, 2013

Will The Balless Republicans Finally Grow Some Balls...

...or will the Democrats win out once again by calling the bluff of the RINOs and will this incessant quibbling go on forever at our expense (our expense = the expense of the  citizenry)? It will keep going on and on and never change as long as we do not change they who govern us and do so drastically. It does not matter if the Democrats are in power nor the Republicans, they are all total arsehats.


We have less than tan hour and a half to go before a government shutdown could be forced on us but my bet is they will come up with a resolution in the House and Senate to keep funding the government no matter what. They are just all wussies with no spine and only a desire to play politics without regard for the true welfare of the nation.

We need to oust them all. Folks, don't you see - come November in every election year to come - no matter to which party we belong, or if independent - we need to vote out all of the incumbents and vote in anyone who is not and has never been a lawyer.

If we cannot and will not do that, then I hope the government does shut down even though it may well endanger all of my income (which is a federal pension). I am sick and tired of his country being run by inept assholes who refuse to compromise and then blame the other side, and whomever else they can blame, for not compromising and causing the problem. Both sides and independents do it. They are all at fault and so are we for electing a majority of lawyers and inept boobs.

If we want to fix things, then we need some sort of a revolution soon, even if only in our way of thinking and in expressing how we think. Thus ultimately it needs to be overwhelming either in the voting booths or in a bloodbath. I do not hope for or currently advocate a revolution that comes in the form of a bloodbath and I would much prefer it to be done in the voting booths. Wouldn't you too! All that, unless of course, the current batch of dim witted bureaucrats can get it straight and truly pass laws that benefit the nation that are well thought out, read before voted on, and constitutional.

All the best,
Glenn B

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