Monday, June 15, 2015

All The Kings Men May Be Screwing Up Search For Escaped Killers.. New York but not without help from that pompous politico, apparent wanna-be tyrant, Andrew Cuomo. It has been reported that the NY State Police, the lead department in the search for two escaped killers in NY, have refused to share all information with other departments and agencies involved in the same search and that has already led to at least one very potentially encounter between members of different LE departments. 

In addition, King Andy got personally involved in the operations on day one. He also demanded that all law enforcement officers, except NY State Police, had to vacate a room in which he was holding a press conference. It seems like all so much egotism gone berserk.

When LE departments do not share information, with others assisting in the same investigation, you can bet it all boils down to politics, petty bickering and to the lead agency trying to look good. The FBI is notorious for it and now it seems that the NY State Police and King Andy are looking to puff up their own egos and boost Cuomo's political stature. They are seemingly doing so at the risk of either the escaped killers remaining free or at risk of LEOs being injured by one another because the one hand does not know what the other is doing. More here.

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