Thursday, December 25, 2014

Another Bush As President Probably Would Not Please Me...

...although I must say that it would please me a whole lot more than another screaming and whining liberal leftist. So when I read that Bush is stepping down from his position on a health care board (source), and thus looking as if he may be potentially more seriously in the running as a candidate than I had thought, I was not all that disappointed.

While I would rather not vote for him and while I have already stated who, right now, is my favored choice (although that choice may change) as the prime candidate for the presidency - I could see myself voting for another Bush (if nominated) instead of any liberal leftist demoncrat that might run in 2016.

Hopefully though, we will have a patriot with steel balls (or at least with brass balls) and with set convictions and ideals in the running and that's not certainly going to be a Bush, not by a longshot!

All the best,
Glenn B

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"Zack" said...

I'm done with the Bush family. If he is the conservative party candidate, I'll toss my vote to the best of the underdog party offerings.