Sunday, December 25, 2016

What Better Christmas Breakfeast...

...than German cold cuts on Linseed Rye could there be for me. Maybe if I had had it with a German bier instead of coffee it could have been better but I am holding off on the bier until later and I really needed that coffee this morning. Now for that sandwich, it was made from a slice of linseed (flax) seed rye and had a thick helping of Kassler liverwurst. This particular Kassler liverwurst is a store specialty made only one day a year, for Christsmas, by Morscher's Pork Store where I bought it. It is an excellent old style butcher shop with truly delectable foods and an aroma of smoked meats that is other worldly. I added several slices of gelbwurst (also made by Morscher's) to my sandwich and slathered it all with a good helping of Whalen's horseradish mustard (which was a Christmas present from Hans, my brother-in-law).

It was truly a divine feast as should be any meal on Christmas day. Maybe later another sandwich made from goose-liver liverwurst  (yes I picked up one of them too but this time with Bauer's mustard with horseradish and a slice of onion). That would be either before (as in lunch) or after (as in a midnight snack) we sit down for our dinner. inner is slated to be roast duck (which my wife will be cooking) and smoked chicken thighs (which my son will smoke) and all the fixings. My meager contribution, I bought them all and also brought home some Linzer tarts from Rudy's Pastry Shop (the name on the storefront is as I put it but name on the website is Rudy's Bakery & CafĂ©) in Ridgewood, NY. I have been eating cookies, pastries and the like for well over 30 years. Their Linzer tarts are the best I have ever eaten.

I've got to go, it's almost time for lunch and a bier or maybe a nice crisp hard cider.

Merry Christmas,
Glenn B

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skybill said...

Hi Boomer!!,
'Only comment I can think of is what ol' Jed Clampett usedta' say when somethin' stirred up the stuff'!!,"HOOOOO' DOGGIES!!!!"
That all sounds like some really good "Eatins'!!!!"
On a similar note, for Christmas, one of my Neighbor/Friends gave me a couple of links of some fresh "Deer Sausage" .....Fresh Kill last week!! ...I gotta make some of my signature Jambalaya!!!!!! If'n yer' interested??..I'll post ya' the recipe!! Ya' gonna love it!! Sounds like yer' "MEAT MAN" has some kick ass Meats!! The Jambalaya with some of that German sausage would be "TOPS!!!!"
Blue skies,
skybill-standing by...for now!!