Sunday, December 25, 2016

My Son and I Wish You A Warm...

...Christmas night.  With a few hard ciders, a few strong ales, some German bier and about 90% of a jar of Moonshine Cherries and a bit of vodka - along with a nice fire - we surely have had a nice warm Christmas night!

All the best,

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skybill said...

Hi BOOMER!!!!!,
YUP!!, With a nice Christmas Lunch......a couple of "Bud's" ,,, later with a couple of 'Bacardi's' and some "JIM" "High Ball" followers..... Life is Good!!! BTW Merry Christmas to you and Yours!! Also, just because it is the "26th" now does not mean that the "Christmas season" is Over!! No, No, really goes on till the 6th of January!!!!! That's the "Feast of the "3 Kings" or "WISE MEN" who treked from back East to see "The Baby Jesus!!" The event is also called the Epiphany...a manifestation of Christ to the Magi!! "The 12th Night!!" ....AND...... So you put up your "Red and Green Christmas Decor!!" the same time you drag out the "Purple, Green and Gold!!!!" For the 6th is the first day of "Carnavale!!!!" culminating on "FAT TUESDAY!!" Better known as "MARDI GRAS!!!!!" YES!!!' BTW The "Crawfish" are getting ready to crawl out of the swamps and engrate our dinner plates!!! "That Smell'--- That Smell of 'HOT BOILED CRAWFISH!!!' ---It smells like ----'MARDI GRAS!!!'"
and a couple of "Cold Bud's!!,"
skybill-standing by!!!!!