Thursday, December 29, 2016

Possibly The Most Ironic Death of 2016

In August 2016, Reginald Hillard, Jr., a man who reportedly had a fear of flying and who had never before flown, was given the gift of a sightseeing flight by his girlfriend, Briana Davis. He accepted and they both enjoyed the flight despite his fears. That was until the landing. The small Cessna, in which they were be given the tour by a pilot, was hit by a rain storm and crashed into a lake about 1,000 feet before the runway. According to the girlfriend, Hillard kicked open a door on the plane and pushed her out. The plane went down right after that, taking Hillard and the pilot with it both evidently drowning. There is more here.

If having a fear of flying but accepting a gift of a sightseeing flight from your girlfriend and immensely enjoying your first flight ever only to wind up drowning in a plane is not ironic - then irony does not exist. What a tragic end for so young a life and a good man at that.

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Glenn B

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Murphy's Law said...

Yep. That was right here at Lakefront Airport.