Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Being Sorry & Wanting A To Take His Place...

...just do not cut it. The linked article tells of a tragic case of being unsafe with a firearm by one party goer that led to the death of another party goer.
There were several rules of firearms safety that were violated and the article and accompanying video give a clue as to some of them beyond the so called four rules of firearms safety. Indeed there are several more rules than a mere four but they somehow seem to have been all but forgotten by many gun owners since J. Cooper memorialized only four of them.
The thing about not following rules of firearms safety (or possibly not even knowing about them since some believe there are only four of them or at least only four that matter) is that getting a do-over is often impossible because the result of not following the rules was crippling or fatal as in this particular case.
If you are only aware of the four rules and want to see some of the others, some of which are just as important, go to the below links:
NRA Explore | NRA Gun Safety Rules (make sure to scroll down passed the first three)

http://www.smith-wesson.com/safety/product-safety-information (Make sure to click on Firearm Safety, Operation & Maintenance)

Amazingly, even some of these large firearms companies have forgotten or otherwise overlooked the importance of including some of the rules - such as not mixing gunpowder with alcohol or better put not handling firearms and or ammunition when drinking alcoholic beverages or taking mind altering drugs and another one such as keeping firearms from unauthorized users.
Be careful with firearms, the one time you screw up may be the last time you see the person in the path of the bullet that you fired or allowed someone else to fire.
A hat tip to Borepatch who had the article linked in a blog post.
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