Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Guilty Until Proven Innocent...

...seems to be the situation with a couple of college students who drove through a college campus shouting pro-Trump slogans. They were immediately accused of harassment and of shouting racial slurs. Then they were expelled from their fraternity and professors at the college signed a letter condemning the alleged actions of the two students. On Friday, they went before (now get this) the college's honor board and were exonerated of all charges. The thing is they suffered since the day of the alleged incident on November 9th until this past Friday! (Source.)

As seems to be the usual case when accusations are made by leftists, against anyone who even so much as leans to the right, the professors and others believed the two students guilty before any formal investigation or hearing was completed. If the college's honor board was truly interested in preserving honor among faculty and students, it would immediately demand a written apology and compensation for the students from the professors who signed the letter condemning them. In addition, the fraternity should immediately reinstate them, apologize to them, condemn the hateful professors and their letter, and compensate the students monetarily.

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Glenn B

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