Friday, December 30, 2016

Justice Is Not Blind, It Is Insane.

A Englishman - who reportedly was sentenced to a one year prison term for yelling "racial" slurs and for leaving raw bacon sandwiches on the doorstep of a mosque and tying bacon to the mosque's door knobs - recently was found dead in his prison cell. An investigation is forthcoming. Yes folks, imagine that - the British justice system put someone in jail for a year for petty harassment like that and now he has died while in custody. The judge in the case had the gall to call it "an attack on England". More here. Me thinks the judge forgeteth what was England!

I believe that judge needs to have his head examined if he does not see that the real attack that is taking place is that the Englishman of yesteryear has been largely replaced by radical Muslims seeking only to destroy England and to conquer all in the name of allah.

All I can add is to say pass the bacon please.

All the best,
Glenn B

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