Tuesday, December 27, 2016

It's A Fight, No - It's A Loud Noise, No - It's A Gun Shot...

...whatever - it's a madhouse. Such was the case in several malls across the United States on Monday when fights and other disturbances, some accompanied by loud noises apparently from furniture being toppled and mistakenly thought by mall patrons to have been gunshots, started panics among the sheepish shoppers. At Roosevelt Field Mall in Nassau County, NY and at The Mills in Jersey Gardens mall in NJ shoppers fled from the malls in abject fear for their lives but those incidents were only two such panics among several that took place across America yesterday.

A similar incident also took place in  Tempe, AZ at Arizona Mills Mall where loud noises, evidently due to a fight, prompted customers to flee through the mall's exits. In Indiana, fights broke out in a mall and reports of gun shots being fired in the parking lot were received but not confirmed by the police. Town Center Aurora (uncertain if this was the name of a mall or a central area of the town itself) was closed by police, ion Monday, after fights broke out at a local mall - fights that had been broadcast over social media before they had started. At the Beachwood Place Mall in Beachwood, OH, police reported that there were 500-600 people involved in creating mayhem in that mall, also on Monday, the day after Christmas (one of the busiest shopping or merchandise return days of the year). There reportedly also was a report of gunfire at that mall. 

While police are so far denying that these incidents are connected, my bet is that they are connected in as much as troublemakers across the country chose yesterday to cause nationwide panic in shopping centers. I'll say it again, we are becoming more and more like Bizarro World on a daily basis as the leftist animals run amok. 

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