Friday, December 23, 2016

There Ought To Be An Adulthood Test...

...before anyone considers you to be an adult. Really, I mean that. I say so because of how obviously childlike, in the most spoiled of fashions, the leftists (aka: Democrats, Liberals, Progressives) are acting now tat Donald Trump will become our next president. From professors excusing college students from final exams, to universities setting safe spaces, Play-Doh and coloring books for students traumatized by Trump's victory, to those claiming that their desire for sex has ended because of the election results, to those unfriending their friends on social media sites such as Facebook because the friends voted for Trump, to those furious with family members for doing the same and reacting in a way as would spoiled brats, to those liberals now buying guns because they suffer from what I can only imagine is paranoia in that they anticipate being attacked Trump supporters (funny how they never armed themselves fearing attacks from the right before Trump, who mind you is more middle of the road than anything), to others falsely alleging hate crimes and trying to make it look as if a Trump supporters were the guilty parties (imagine if they had those guns - maybe they would shoot first and falsely accuse later), all the way to those deniers of reality claiming that Donald Trump is not my president.

Really folks - we have become a nation half filled with cry baby make believe adults, with no respect for anyone with whom they disagree, and who are subject to temper tantrums beyond the scope of sanity even though they have reached the legal age of adulthood (voting age). So, there ought to be an adulthood test required before leftists are legally found to be adults and permitted to do adult things. If you fail the test, you remain in the legal status of a minor until you can pass it, that is unless you fail it three times and thus must remain in childhood for the remainder of your life. You know - I'd bet even half of them wouldn't even bother with taking such a test even if legally mandated for all of us; they would prefer remaining just the way they are now - in a state of being immature, spoiled, piss pants babies, who needlessly fear daddy and who still need mommy's tit to suckle.

All the best,
Glenn B

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