Tuesday, December 20, 2016

So The Price Of Guns & Ammo May Be Going Up...

...now that Trump has been elected and the librterds are buying guns, reportedly to defend against the hard core right wing extremists. What a bunch of fucking hypocrites are those anti-gunners on the left because now it sees it is okie dokie for them to arm themselves. In other words - according to their words and actions - guns are not good in the hand of those on the right but apparently okay for leftists! More here.

If there is any truth to the linked article, that the leftists liberals fear the right, I guess I may not waiting for ammo prices to fall as I thought they would be falling after Trump's victory. So, if the political opposition is buying it - with the intent of defending themselves against the right (of which I am a member - and which by the way is a truly absurd idea and one that should convince you that they, in their delusional manner, see their own countrymen as the enemy instead of merely folks with political and cultural differences) - then I am going to prepare myself to defend myself and my loved ones more than ever before against these tyranny loving bastards. I mean, I mean, I mean - well, let's face it - the zombie apocalypse may be imminent!

All the best,
Glenn B

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