Sunday, December 18, 2016

UPS Never Makes Wrong Deliveries Like This To Me...

...and neither does FedEx, the U.S. Post Office or Santa Claus and what a shame is that from my point of view! Of course had any of them mistakenly delivered a "sniper rifle" (Barrett 50 caliber rifle) to my house this past Wednesday, you can bet I would call the police immediately, after fondling it for awhile, because I would be worried it was some kind of a sting operation. Why worry about that? After all - this is the ultra leftist - socialistic - communistic - anti-constitutional land of NewYorkistan under King Cuomo. FUAC (F--- You Andrew Cuomo).

Anyway, the story is that a man and his wife in NY received a package delivered by UPS. They thought it was a gift they had bought for a child in the neighborhood. Instead of opening the box, which he did in front of his young granddaughter, and finding a toy plane in the box, he found the rifle. Apparently aghast at seeing the rifle, the obvious left wing NY'er immediately had his granddaughter leave the room because she was "horrified" when she saw the rifle (source). Heck, had it be me when my son or daughter were youngsters, I would have shown it to them and they would have loved seeing it and would have hoped to be able to shoot it - no doubt.

There is no plausible explanation given in the linked article, or others I have read, as to how this happened but I heard a reason while listening to the news on the radio yesterday. According to the radio report, the correct shipping label was on the box but a second shipping label addressed to the NY man was placed over it. That sounds to me as if a clerk at UPS somehow placed two labels on the same box but who knows at this point.

The intended recipient was a NY gunsmith with a federal firearms license. FFL holders within NY State can receive and possess what NYS has determined to be assault rifles despite the NY S.A.F.E. Act making acquisition of such by the citizenry illegal. I guess they allow that so the police - who need no license or registration - can buy one for personal use if they want one because they are better than the rest of us. Let me say it again - FUAC!

Of course, the police showed up and confiscated the rifle. UPS has reportedly delivered it to the correct consignee since then. UPS also delivered the toy plane to the right place in time for Christmas.

Now a note as to the bullshit spread by the media. Some reports (here, here and here) have claimed the rifle in question to be a Barrett 50 caliber semi-automatic assault rifle. If you did not already notice, go look at those last three linked articles again. Have you seen it this time? The rifle pictured is not a semi-automatic. It appears to be a Barrett Model 95 and I base that on the position of the magazine in comparison to the position on Barrett's actual semi-automatic rifles (source). The Model 95 is a bolt fed rifle and thus is not under NY law, nor under any other stretch of the imagination except maybe within the twisted imaginations of anti-gun leftists, an assault rifle. Help end truly Fake News such as these reports - send letters and emails of complaint to the media outlets that reported it as an assault rifle.

All the best,
Glenn B

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