Monday, February 14, 2022

They Say Hope Springs Eternal...

 ...but in my case, while I never gave up hope, it has been 'hope revitalized'. Just last week, in fact only a few days ago, I wondered to myself what ever happened to the grand jury investigation spearheaded by special prosecutor John Durham in which Durham is trying to discover if their in essence was a conspiracy against Donald Trump that was orchestrated by democrats including Hillary Clinton. What brought his investigation to my mind was the fact that Fox News was reporting that Hillary Clinton was about to make a major speech and some said it might be that she would be announcing her candidacy for the next presidential election. I had mostly forgotten the Durham investigation and when I thought of it last week, I wondered what had happened to it and believed maybe it had just quietly disappeared as such things often do when influenced by the world of politics and bribes (not alleging any wrong doing in this case).
Well, there I as left wondering, that is until today. It appears the Durham grand jury investigation is being run by him as the law demands it must be run - in secrecy. That is a good thing. It also appears as if the investigation may have uncovered a good amount of additional evidence and additional suspects and defendants as well. More at the source
I, for one, am again hopeful that this investigation will be carried out to its legitimate end and that said end result will be that anyone - who winds up being found guilty of conspiracy against Donald Trump, or who otherwise violated the laws of the United States relative to his candidacy, his election and then presidency - who was in Hillary Clinton's campaign (or who supported it) and who acted illegally (if proven so) in that regard will be convicted of any and all crimes of which they may be charged due to this investigation. It would truly bring a smile to my face to see her and many others from her campaign in prison for a long long time if in fact they are guilty of any such crimes. If not then let the evidence prove otherwise but my guess is they are as guilty as sin.
All the best,
Glenn B


riverrider said...

good luck with that, really. i hold no such hope. there was a glimmer when fox last night brought up the dnc server download that they blamed on russian trumps. it was actually one of their own who was mad about bernie getting the shaft. he wound up murdered in the safest neighborhood in america. they claim it was a mugging. but fox dropped the commentary at the part about bernie. mugger left the $10k rolex on his wrist. we never saw what he downloaded.

Glenn B said...

Regardless, I am keeping my fingers crossed. If I lost all hope in this I might do something stupid to vent my anger & frustration that this has not been properly addressed and then might get arrested and go to that place where you get free hot beef injections from Bubba & Leroy for life. I do not want that to happen; so, I better remain hopeful.