Saturday, February 12, 2022

My Biden - Putin Conspiracy Theory

 Imagine, if you will, a nation of super strength about to invade its neighboring country - one of strength as well but much weaker than the other. Then another super strong nation, led by a seemingly weak minded scheming fool, steps in and acts tough with the bullying country's leader and threatens great reprisals should the stronger nation attack the weaker one. After months of threats back and forth, the leader of the nation poised to attack its neighbor suddenly withdraws the threat and somehow we are expected to see Joe Biden as a hero who through shrewd diplomacy overcame the threat of attack on our weaker ally. Seems like much more of a likely conspiracy than did the one of which the dems accused President Trump.
The thing is, we won't know if there actually is such a conspiracy unless Putin removes the threat of an invasion of The Ukraine and somehow it becomes understood it was Biden who convinced him to do so. If it does happen that way, that the threat is removed, Biden is sure to claim credit being the hero of that situation and would not the timing be grand so close to midterm elections. Of course, there is another way for Putin to remove the threat and that is to actually invade The Ukraine in which case the threat will have been overcome and thus will have disappeared due to an actual invasion no longer being a threat but a reality. 
Of course, then Biden will say I told you they were going to attack and now I have to punish them. He again would try to play the hero; yet, consider that, he maybe will have conspired with Putin nonetheless. How/why? In as much as to allow Russia to attack The Ukraine, to take what it wants to a point, then withdraw at least partially and then make it appear as if his (Biden's) influence made Putin be more moderate as to what he does in The Ukraine.
No matter how things turn out, Biden will try to make himself look good. This would be good not only for Russia but for China too because there is no doubt Biden is indebted big time to both of those nations. So, is it possible (note I did not say probable) that Biden is conspiring with Russia & China. I think it almost likely.
Enough of my fantasizing but would it not be a hoot if it actually was true and then proven at a later date and Biden gets convicted of high treason. A man has to dream!

All the best,
Glenn B


Feral Ferret said...

His unconstitutional actions in other areas already amount to treason. I would love for this to be the final nail in the coffin, or the stake through the heart so to speak. Sadly I suspect that the puppet masters will find a way to shield him as long as they consider him of value.

riverrider said...

interesting theory. quite possible. they announced that kamelface will go to europe to defuse the situation a couple days ago. my theory was they were using this made up tension to get kamelface foreign policy creds and maybe even a nobel. then joe would resign or be resigned. it would be perfect for them. but i haven't heard a peep about it since. maybe they forgot to consult kammy and in usual fashion she said "hell no i ain't getting involved in this crap." we'll see in about a week. my intel geek says it'll be on the 20th, or putin packs his bags and goes home.

Glenn B said...

Maybe there is something to my hypothesis. They seem to be attempting to make it look worse and worse as each day, or even each hour, goes by. Now they are trying to tell us just how terrible it will be if Russia invades the Ukraine. The really terrible thing, for us, would be if they go to war with the USA. Then again, I am beginning to really think it is all BS and that they are manufacturing a crisis so that it can later look as if Biden averted it and thus is the hero of the world (yeah right).

Glenn B said...
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Glenn B said...

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