Monday, January 18, 2021

All This Political Shit...

 ...has got me down in the dumps. Well, that and my infirmities. In the recent past, I have found myself sometimes wishing I was a younger man now and again when I meet an extremely enticingly fine looking woman who acts a bit more than merely distantly friendly toward me. Lately though, I have found myself wishing for my lost youthful vim for a very different reason. That would be because of the current political situation in these United States. I find what the left has been doing to be abhorrent as they openly attempt to destroy our rights & liberties under the Constitution and change our government to another form. They readily accept, with glee, the possibility that they will soon transform this country to a new nation under a new system (to us) such as socialism, fascism or communism or a combination of all three. In other words, they seek to create a tyrannical and oppressive government under which they will rule with an iron thumb. 

What loyal American, who has lived by the principles of justice as expressed within our founding legal document - the Declaration of Independence - and who lived by the basic principles of law and rights as set by our Constitution and Bill of Rights would not oppose such a change. The day is coming soon, I think, when an armed revolution will take place though I hope not, I feel it almost unavoidable. Just look at what the dems fear about the inauguration and at how the FBI is vetting national 25,000 Guard troops (source) for Biden's swearing in on January 20th because they fear a conspiracy to assure he will not become president. You do not do that unless you are fairly certain the threat is real. They fear & know (I think we all expect) it is coming - that it being a revolution - and they fear it greatly. What they seem to always ignore is that it will have been their actions that will have spurred it on.

It will not come from the left, almost as it seemed it would beginning last summer when BLM & ANTIFA types protested, then looted, rioted, committed arson, assaults and other crimes to include even homicide while declaring parts of cities to be autonomous zones - all as part of an evident insurrection. That uprising was in some cases actually openly supported by leftists (such as by Kamala Harris out VP elect and local mayors and lib state governors). No, it will not come from there. It will come from the right as evidenced by the attack on the Capital. And mind you, I can call what happened at the Capital nothing more or less than an attack (unplanned, as I believe it to have been for the most part, with most folks merely following others once it started). I believe though the next such actions will be much better planned & organized and will be much more violent.

I'd rather not see any of this happening right now or ever. I would much prefer that we all could live as Americans under the laws of our great nation as set down by our Founding Fathers and by the Framers of the Constitution & the Bill of Rights. Sadly though, forces that would see this nation transformed to a totalitarian state, by whatever means possible (such as the Russian Collusion investigation), will soon make living in our country under our Constitution & Bill of Rights - as free citizens and legal resident aliens - impossible; heck it already is impossible but is about to get much worse in my belief. Well maybe I should say, it will be at least very improbable without an uprising first putting down the forces that seeks to destroy the basis of our laws and transform us into a nation divided and ruled by an oppressive authoritarian form of government. 

I do not look forward to that day. If it comes down to an outright revolution to defend & preserve the Constitution & Bill of Rights - I hope to have balls of steel to do the right thing when the time arrives regardless of age or infirmity. I have always stood to defend the Constitution & Bill of Rights in the past and see no reason to stop now; I just hope the mess we are in can be resolved peacefully and that sanity and adherence to the Constitution & Bill of Rights will once again be the norm in the USA.

All the best,
Glenn B

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