Friday, January 15, 2021

Someone Said It's Time To Buy Magazines...

 ...and while I think that wrong (as I believe the time has been ongoing for years), I also think it right relative to what is looming on the near horizon. After the 20th, normal capacity magazines (30 rounds for AKs & ARs) may soon become illegal or otherwise restricted - or they may be taxed beyond belief. Same thing for 15 round or higher capacity pistol magazines. So buy em now before they disappear and or their prices or taxes (or both) go sky high. Of course, the same goes for ammo and firearms - if you can afford them right now. As for mags, most are still available at good prices.

I guess I should add that I have bought a few or more magazines within the last 6 - 8 months or so. The most that I bought for any one type gun were for an AR15. The second most were for Beretta 92 series pistols. Third, probably for my Glock 19. There are several others as well, such as the 6 or so extras I bought when I purchased two Zastava M70 pistols last year and they came with two mags each. The list goes on and on and on and includes speed loaders (not technically magazines but close enough) I bought for my Ruger Redhawk and for my S&W Model 10. In fact, I placed two orders tonight for AR and AK mags. 


With the exception of the: steel AK mags, Glock 30 mags, Beretta 950BS mags, Ortgies mags and Savage Axis II mags - everything else was purchased within the last 6 to 8 months. I have quite a few other magazines in a sooper seKrit storage location in addition to these and there are some few to several others in around here with their respective firearms. Get em while still regularly priced! Sadly, I lost all of the above in a boating accident while transporting them to a safe place for storage.

Finding the ammo to fill them all may be a bit expensive right now but just as I recommend buying magazines right now, I also suggest getting ammo right now too as I doubt it's going to get any less expensive under a Biden administration. As for myself, I am all but absolutely certain Schumer will finally be able to legislate his long sought after federal ammunition tax (he tried for 35% in 2019 and I think he may try 50% or higher after January 20th).  If you think a 35% tax on ammo unlikely, think again. Senator Patrick Moynihan (he was another uber-leftist from NY just like is Schumer) had wanted to tax ammo at 10,000 percent (yes that was ten thousand percent). Evidently the leftists think it a good idea (source). Now that they control both houses of Congress and the presidency (or soon will control them) - do you think they will not try to pass such devastating legislation to tax ammo right out of the market. It would likely be years before it went through the Supreme Court and even then, if Biden packs the court or transfers conservative judges out of it to replace them with leftists, who would win the battle! 

Of course, such a tax might also create another type of battle and not one fought from the soap box, ballot box or jury box but from that other one. The inevitable truth is that the shit is coming folks & there's a ton of it and it's aimed right at the fan - a very big and powerful fan and that fan evidently is aimed at anyone not playing the commie/socialist/leftist, anti-rights & liberties, Constitution destroying tune. May as well be ready for whatever form it takes: a federal magazine tax, higher prices, a mag buying frenzy spurring shortages, an outright magazine ban, federal troops coming to take away our rights & confiscate our guns, ammo & magazines, armed rebellion or whatever. I am not inciting anything - like an insurgency - just saying it is best to be prepared for what may come and I am sure some bad shit is on its way and stocking up on toilet paper will not be the solution.

All the best,
Glenn B


riverrider said...

of course they might make them illegal and a felony to possess. they tried in va. last year. didn't go so well for them, but this is on a much bigger stage so....i'm sure that smug bastard just can't wait. how the hell are those people so old n still ruining my life?

libertyman said...

Sounds like you are getting better! Saw your comments at the Feral Irishman -- that is a great sign.
Keep up the good work.

Glenn B said...


They are so old and still ruining your life because old age and treachery always overcome youth and inexperience and I am guessing that relative to them you are younger.

Old NFO said...

Yep, mags are 'nice to have' items. They're flying out of the stores over here, even without ammo availability.