Sunday, May 21, 2017

Not Even A Hint Of A Connection To Terrorism... mentioned in an article about two guys who reportedly were arrested after a passerby called police to report they had threatened him and told him they were armed with guns. All that after he merely asked them to clean up some trash they had thrown from their vehicle. The informer was smart enough to get their license number, before walking away, and he then called 911. What he did may have thwarted a terrorist attack in the making, maybe even an imminent one. Yet, neither the police nor Homeland Security are saying anything about a possible link terrorism relative to the reported arrests of Abdullah N. Alrifahe and  Majid Alrifahe. Hell, one of them has already been released according to the article. (Is Minneapolis a sanctuary city???) More here.

One would hope that the police and or DHS (or better yet the FBI) do enough of an investigation to obtain proper search warrants and go through those computers thoroughly. It is not every day you find a hand grenade during a vehicle stop.

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