Sunday, May 21, 2017

Ever Since I Was A Kid...

..I have paid attention to the ground or the floor as I walk. I don't know if that was due as much to me being accident prone or due to me having found money on the floor or ground many more times than once. I figure I used to watch my step not to fall over my own feet and then was lucky enough to find some dough and then started paying even more attention to where I was stepping. Of course, it may have had nothing to do with me being an accident prone klutz and could have just been due to me having stepped in a large pile of doggy doodoo. I simply do not recall the reason but to this day, I still look down fairly often when walking while at the same time keeping my eyes open for cash. Last time I found a considerable amount of cash was probably two or three years ago, it was a fifty dollar bill in a Home Depot parking lot. I was quite the happy guy.
Today, I hit up the same Home Depot to buy some grass seed, potted flowers and vegetables among other things. As I got out of my car, the memory came to me of finding that $50, I guess because it was right near where I parked my car today. Maybe 20 minutes later, while walking around the gardening department, I looked down and my usually slow pace went into immediate overdrive while at the same time I glanced around to see it anyone else was walking toward what had gotten my immediate interest. No one was walking toward that way and no one was walking away from the area either. Mine, mine mine! What soon became mine were two twenty dollar bills there on the floor. I almost could not believe my luck as I quickly bent over to scoop them up and put em in my pocket. Not to let lady luck leave too soon, I made sure to walk around the immediate area looking for more but alas she had already departed and left me with what I had scooped up. Yet. she had not left me disappointed since the two bills I had grabbed were indeed real. Not a bad deal at all. They substantially helped pay the $140 toward my purchases. 
I wish I had luck like this more often but I am not going to wish that too hard because I am afraid to piss off whatever power above laid that cash in my path. That does not mean though that I will stop looking down now and then when I walk.
All the best,

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