Sunday, May 21, 2017

Boy Gives Dog A Bone And Woman Pulls Her Pistol...

...and points it at him. As he runs away, she fires a warning shot. She gets arrested and treated like a criminal and I simply do not understand why on God's green earth she was charged and the kid will probably get off again.

Yes, there are some sarcastic puns in those previous sentences. Read the linked article and you will understand.

How I missed this news item, dated May 8th, while I was in AR is beyond me except maybe that while my son has a television he only has it hooked up to his computer to watch YouTube and Netflix; a subscription for cable was too expensive (welcome to the real world my son). I am sure he will get cable soon though now that he has a decent job. Anyway, I digress so let me just say again, read the linked article and be amazed and maybe disgusted. I think maybe, had it been another person instead of this particular woman, he might have been shot being it was the second time he gave the bone to the dog and giving the same bone twice to the same dog could be considered a shooting offense by some.

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Glenn B.

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