Sunday, January 8, 2017

Another 4.25" For A Total Of 7.25"

It snowed, last night, almost as much as the top number they predicted - which was 8 inches. All told we got a total of 7.25"; I measured this morning in a few places and it was virtually exactly the same at each spot.

Last night, I went out around 8PM to shovel again and I estimate that another 4" had fallen by then, since I had first shoveled earlier in the day. I did the side patio so the Chihuahuas could get out to answer nature's call and the walk along the garage. When I got to the walkway to our front door, it had already been done, obviously by a snow-blower. Once at the sidewalk, I could see it was my next door neighbor who had done it as the cleared trail led back to his place. A nice man is he! Earlier in the evening, my daughter (who is staying with us for a few days with our grandson) went over to his place to ask if she could put her car in his driveway as we already had three cars stacked in there like cord wood. As usual, he said okay. She gave him a bottle of wine as a return courtesy (really, it was not in hopes that he would then clear our sidewalk). I hope he did not feel obligated to clear our sidewalk and walkway. Anyway, there was still enough left for me to shovel to keep me busy for awhile. I widened the single lane he had made and cleared the whole sidewalk and walkway as well as the front steps. When I went out this morning, there was only about 1/4" of additional snow on the ground and it cleaned up quickly. I also cleaned off the three cars in our driveway.

It looks nice out there now - everything covered with the clean whiteness of freshly fallen snow. Too bad it never lasts long here in this way too urban area but at least for now it looks like a winter wonderland. I imagine if birds could think like us though, they would not see it quite that way, probably makes it harder for them to forage. With that in mind, I think I need to get outside again and fill the lone bird feeder I have in the backyard.

All the best,
Glenn B

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