Sunday, January 8, 2017

There Are Monsters Among Us...

...and some of them pretend to be our loving parent or in this case step-mother. Sara Packer, the mother of 14 year old Grace Packer, and Jacob Sullivan, the mother's boyfriend,  have been charged with the truly horrendous crime in which they allegedly murdered the girl. Her death did not come swiftly or painlessly and not before the girl was allegedly: beaten, raped (while the mother watched), left in a hot attic to die while bound and gagged and thrown into a cedar closet, and then was essentially strangled - all over an 18 hour period. Apparently they had planned the "rape-murder fantasy" for almost a year. It is also reported that the pair tried to commit suicide on this past  December 30th by drug overdose and that while in the hospital being treated for that, the man reportedly told hospital employees that he and the Grace's mom were responsible for the teen's murder. More here and here.

If they are indeed guilty, and the linked article says the man has confessed, then I cannot even begin to detail what I would like to do to this pair for fear of the mind police coming to lock me up in the Bizarro World in which we live today! I will tell you this much: I would gladly mete out vengeance for the child and would not go easy on her killers were it legal for me to do so. I would choose to go slowly, very slowly, possibly with some bit of accomplishment in my heart (knowing that true justice was being done), while bringing them to an excruciatingly painful demise.

I pray there truly is a Heaven and that Grace is their now surrounded by love and tranquility.

All the best,
Glenn B

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