Wednesday, October 12, 2016

NY City Democrat Board of Elections Commissioner On Voter ID

Get a load of this video before it is removed from YouTube. It is allegedly a video of the NYC (or Manhattan - a borough in NYC) Board of Elections Commissioner essentially blasting the policy to allow voters to register and vote without showing valid ID. He also blasts NYC Mayor Bill de Arsehat Blasio's policy of issuing NYC ID cards to just about anyone with little or no verification of their identities. Furthermore he readily admits the practice exists of bussing voters from one polling place to another to cast multiple ballots on election day. This guy is a democrat but I have to hand it to him, he is quite candid about the deplorable system we have in place to register voters and then to allow them to vote.

I must point out that I work in a place where aliens are processed for U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services. Many of them write down United States when asked for their country of citizenship, yet since they are aliens none are U.S. citizens but are either residents or some other classification of alien who is living in the US. I inform them they are aliens and not citizens yet quite a few recently have asked me how they register to vote.

We truly have lost almost all sovereignty as a nation. The U.S. in essence has no borders, is made up of diverse cultures that refuse to unify but would rather do the liberal thing of celebrating diversity instead of unity, and that refuse to come together under one language - American English. We are doomed as a nation to become a third world country controlled by diverse factions akin to the various clans under the tyrannies of the warlords of Afghanistan. The lunacy of the left, in ultra-leftists states like NY, is killing our country and the electoral process.

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Glenn B

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