Wednesday, October 12, 2016

God Damned Capital One Bank

Back in April, Capital One Bank notified my wife that they suspected someone had opened, or attempted to open, a credit card account in her name. Luckily for us, no charges had been made. This week, we received a letter from Trans Union saying there was suspicious activity on her credit report. I checked both of our credit reports and saw another inquiry made by Capital One just last month on each of our reports. I called Capital One's Customer Service department. I explained the situation and the representative put me through to their credit card department saying they had to handle this.

I got a rep in the credit card department and was told there is a credit card in my name, never got around to checking on my wife. The Cap One rep said he had to call their fraud department, explain the situation to them, and then put me on the line with them. I was on hold several minutes and was then disconnected, just my luck.

I called Capital Ones' Fraud Department. The rep there found all the info about the current mess already typed into the system by the rep I spoke to earlier. Then the rep told me she was in the general fraud department but I had to speak to someone in credit card fraud department. She put me through to yet another rep in credit card fraud. That rep said the fraudulent account was closed and had been closed in April 2016. Apparently his grasp of the current situation was nonexistent. When I explained, he said there had been an account in my name in April but that was closed. he said he would check on the current situation since the rep in the credit card department had told me (during my first call) that there was a new fraudulent card in my name. The rep on this call did not see that new fraudulent card and again said he would check but it would take 20 minutes and he would call me back. 

I also explained that I had tried to input my ID into their phone system but it would not take it because it said my telephone PIN was incorrect. I know my PIN, I use it frequently. Evidently the fraudster changed that too. I made sure to tell the capital one re I needed to change that ASAP so as not to lose any money in my accounts He said he understood and would get back to me in 20 minutes. Now I wait.

Anyway, I cannot believe the ineptness of Capital One in as much as they issued yet another fraudulent card in my name (and I am guessing also one in my wife's name) after the fraudulent activity back in April, less than a full 6 months ago. In addition, I cannot believe that the guy in credit card fraud could not see that a new fraudulent card was issued in my name, apparently since last month, yet the rep in the credit card department easily brought up all that info and typed notes into their system about it and the other rep to whom I spoke between those two, in the general fraud department, saw those notes immediately. I think it may be time to start looking for a new bank wherein to keep my money!

Update: So, the rep from Capita One's credit card fraud department called me back. He said there has not been a card issued in my name since a fraudulent one in April. He has no reasonable explanation as to why my the earlier rep told me there was a new card issued in my name. he also had no reasonable explanation as to why my PIN did not work except to say I must have forgotten my number. That is extremely unlikely as it is the same number I have used recently and frequently probably for too long. I decided to change the PIN which required yet another call. At least the call to change the PIN went relatively smoothly. I also made yet another cal and ordered a new ATM card and suppose I should change my PIN on that to.

Still though, as I said above, I may have to shop around for another bank in which to keep my money, what little of it I have needs to be safe and when you get conflicting info from a bank as did I, well then, something stinks in that bank.

All the best,
Glenn B


B said...

Amex Blue.

As a merchant, I HATED a user, I gotta say I love 'em. Great service. People speak ENGLISH. They are, for the most part, intelligent. and they follow through. Make sure you are happy.

Discover is nearly as good.

Glenn B said...

I don't have a credit card at all with Capital One bank, just savings and checking. For credit cards, AMEX Green & Blue, and a Master Card and VISA.