Friday, July 3, 2015

Typical Leftist Too Stupid To Realize Being An Anarchist & A Communist...

...are mutually exclusive of one another. Watch and listen here to the second guy that was interviewed, in the linked video, about an attempted flag burning the day before in NYC. The brain surgeon, rocket scientist, Che wannabe revolutionary type, potential flag burner who said it is the guy in black ball cap and black shirt, get a load of what it says on his shirt (evidently it's okay for a leftist to advocate murder). What would you expect of a leftist loon who probably never paid attention in school and who likely does not have a clue as to what is either an anarchist or a communist.

Yesterday, I heard Kuby, of the Curtis and Kuby show, belittle the intellect of the patriots who were defending the flag while trying to show how superior was the intelligence of the leftists who wanted to burn the flag. It was an amusing skit but sadly, I think Kuby probably believed what he was saying. To me, it's obvious he struck out on that one when more of the evidence was viewed.

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Glenn B

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