Friday, July 3, 2015

Lynne Russell's Husband Takes Out Assailant

...but sadly also took three shots himself. he is expected to recover. As for the bad guy, the coroner recovered his body and good riddance is all I can think.

Lynne who, you may be asking! You remember her don't you, the attractive anchor of CNN once upon a time. She was accosted in a Motel 6 parking lot (she will never live down that she was staying there) and pushed into her room by a gun wielding assailant. Once they were inside the room, her husband Chuck de Caro, also a former CNN employee and a former member of the Special Forces exited the bathroom, saw what was going on and moved in front of the night stand on which they had two pistols. Lynne reportedly made her way to the table and put one of the guns in her purse, turned to her husband and asked him if he thought there was anything in the bag they could give the aggressor. The husband reportedly replied "Oh yes, there is" took out the pistol and wound up in a blazing gun battle with the dirtbag, expended all the rounds in that pistol and then grabbed their other one and started firing that one too. The alleged criminal is history. More here.

Now, I did not write this post to merely tell you about what happened but to ponder a single question. Why didn't Lynne Russell turn, pistol in hand and start firing while she apparently had every advantage of surprise, which would have allowed her husband to grab the other gun and do likewise? Actually, it's not a question you or I need to answer but it may wind up being a question that she and her husband keep asking for all the years they have remaining. Would have, could have, should have been - I am not going there but my bet would be they will be plagued by that question and with what may have been had she started shooting first.

Hopefully though, all will be well for them because one never knows just how one will react when under the gun. For all she knew or thought, that was the best way to get him.

Here is wishing a speedy and full recovery to her husband Chuck de Caro - American hero and most certainly Lynne Russell's hero.

All the best,
Glenn B

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