Friday, July 3, 2015

Walmart - What The Fuck Is Wrong With You

Of course, by now, Walmart has issued an apology for having made the ISIS flag cake. Too bad their apology is half assed as they use the excuse that their employee did not know it was an ISIS flag. They have missed not only the point but the whole frigging boat, they went way overboard with this one. Now they are floundering in a sea of political correctness arse kissing and hoping someone will throw them a life preserver because they have apologized. I am no fan of any state flying the flag of the Confederate States of America but I am a fan of free speech. While I understand the right to free speech guarantees no government interference with that right, said right ought to be held dear by a business entity like Walmart that makes its billions primarily off of hard working Americans.

I would bet I could walk into a Walmart tomorrow and get a cake decorated to look like: the Little Red Book, the words Mein Kampf, the abbreviation USSR, an atomic bomb explosion (mushroom cloud), a map of Vietnam, a Cuban flag, a North Korean Flag, the image of Che Guevara, and image of Pol Pot or Stalin, or many images or words that would most certainly be extremely disturbing to many United States citizens. They would probably use the same excuse, if I was successful in getting cakes decorated likethat, that their clerk had no cue as to what was being represented.

Likewise though, even though all the businesses I am about to mention have stopped selling Confederate flags, I'd also bet that I could purchase merchandise with words or images on them, like those just mentioned, at or through those businesses. In fact, it seems certain that I can: Walmart, Amazon, Ebay, Sears (is this supposed to be okay because they do not offer it in red), Target and Etsy. Read, here, the reported reasons why some of them refuse to sell the Confederate flag.

Now tell me, should not the sales of all these other items be banned by them likewise according to their own reasoning! We live in a world of hypocrites and political arse kissers but I do not have to shop at them and neither do you. Then again, maybe you do have to shop at a place like Walmart or those other places sometimes but even if you do, then why not shop there less frequently and spread your money around elsewhere. Let them feel some space in their pockets - at least until they make amends or do business equally for everything and everyone instead of them pandering to political correctness.

You know, as an afterthought, maybe I should t be addressing this post to Walmart with the question of what the fuck is wrong with it. Maybe I should be asking America because folks we are the ones who allowed crap like this to happen.

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