Sunday, July 12, 2015

High Standard Information Site

There I was browsing through, for a magazine for my High Standard Duramatic M-101, when I came across the web address for serial number information for said pistol. I visited the linked page and found out that my Duramatic was most likely manufactured in 1961; I also discovered that the first year of production was 1955 or the same year that I plopped out into the world on a Wednesday afternoon in the fall. I chopped off the last couple of parts of the web address to see if I could find the home page for the site because there was no link back to it from the serial number page. it worked and I arrived at the site at this link:

A look through the site scored me a copy of the Duramatic M-101 parts price list that was updated in march 1962. I looked it over and doubt any of the parts are different than those for my pistol which was a 1961 production gun. I am happy I now have it because the earlier version I had was from August 1954 and was for the Duramatic Model M (lacking any numeric indicator after the M). It was obviously different than mine in at least one regard because there was no Barrel Nut Lockwasher in the earlier model but there sure is in mine. It's good to have info available like that for out of production guns one may own but sometimes it is next to impossible to find. Finding this made me a happy camper. To show my gratitude I fired off an email to the person who compiled all that info and created that site, it was the least I could do to show my appreciation for what I was able to find thank to him.

If you own a High Standard pistol, revolver, derringer, rifle or shotgun and need information, I recommend this site as a place to check but mind you, I am not vouching for the info contained therein.

All the best,
Glenn B

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