Sunday, July 12, 2015

Eighth Annual Northeast Bloggershoot Alert

It's less than a month away from the date, August 8th, of the 8th Annual Northeast Bloggershoot and so far there are only about 15 confirmed attendees and 4 maybes, plus our two hosts. I am hopeful that some of you who have attended past Bloggershoots, and those of you who may be new to it, will see this post and contact us to let us know whether or not you can attend.

Here is some additional information:

Who? Any and all bloggers, commenters, readers, lurkers, etc. in the Northeast area, or those passing through, or anyone crazy enough to show up.

When? Saturday, August 8nd, from 10am until ????

Where? Why, Doubletrouble's sooper seekrit range, of course!

Why? Shootin' stuff is fun? Trying out new hardware is fun? Getting together with a couple dozen of your tribe, combined with guns and reactive targets, is a recipe for a good time!

And, the standard caveat:

As with every year, this is a "pack-in, pack-out" shoot - if you want to bring a 1:1 scale papier mache model of the Lunar Rover to shoot the hell out of, go right ahead. Just be prepared to drag the bullet-riddled carcass out with you. We can call the sub shop for lunch, but someone should step up to take care of the lunch order so Mrs. Doubletrouble doesn't have to deal with that again...

You can visit the Facebook page to express your interest in attending: or if that does not work, send me an email or leave a comment to this post.

Anyone else notice the coincidence of this being the 8th Annual Northeast Bloggershot and that it is being held in the eighth month on the eighth day of a year the numbers of which add up to eight? Maybe I'll have to bring 8 guns and 888 rounds of ammo!

All the best,
Glenn B

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