Friday, May 29, 2015

The Border Patrol Of Yesteryear Was Different And I Remember When...

...border patrol agents were highly respected and pretty much only feared by illegal aliens and alien smugglers as well as maybe some drug smugglers. For the most part we were only hated by racists and criminals back then.We proudly did our jobs protecting the United States of America even though by the time I was on the job things were making a sharp left turn toward welcoming illegals into our country instead of preventing them from entering and or deporting them once they had done so. It was a different time and a different world then. It truly saddens me to see that the sentiment the border patrol has been getting in recent years runs more along these lines.

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Murphy's Law said...

I agree. Sadly, all across the country, the good guys have become the bad guys in the eyes of many, and the good guys aren't the ones who've changed. We've suffered a cultural shift that's not good, and now we're pretty much stuck with a combination of old hippies who have never been good for anything and a new bloom of young tiny dick "patriots" who confuse hating American authority with being some sort of Founding Father redux, and this despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of these big-talking losers never managed to find their way into uniform when most every other real American of age was volunteering to serve this country in Iraq or Afghanistan. The internet lets every cowardly loser pretend to be a brave hero, and the police that protect them are a convenient (and Safe) windmill for them to tilt at.