Friday, May 29, 2015

Just Got Home From Work...

...maybe 45 minutes ago or so. That was after an hour long drive, all ten miles of it (almost exactly 10 miles). Add another 10 minutes I spent at a quick stop in my local liquor store and while the drive was as annoying as it is regular (when I work a that location) the result of my pit stop will soothe everything. I picked up a jar of Old Smokey Moonshine for me and the boy (now a young man) and a bottle of Riesling for the wife. Can you imagine though, driving a mere ten fucking miles and it taking you an hour to accomplish it - especially a day at work that sucked like did today for me (just had to deal with too many arsehats today). That's everyday traffic too, during the return rush hour! When I lived in southern CA, I used to drive the 12 miles to work in about 12 - 14 minutes at an easy going pace but that was in the middle of butt fuck nowhere in the Imperial Valley. I would love traffic to be like that for me now but not at the cost of moving to CA, it's worse than NY as far as I am concerned although not by much. Oh to live in a free state.

Anyway, once I got done feeding the critters that needed to be fed (tortoises, turtles, fish, lizards and newts) I grabbed an ale and logged online. One of the first stops was Wirecutter's blog Knuckledraggin My Life Away. Once I got there, I scrolled through his posts, read this one and that, kept scrolling and arrived at one that immediately put me at ease as it washed away even the faintest thought of work and of my commute as I viewed what was there to behold. What can In say, I may be an old married man but I'm not dead and I can still appreciate what was forever lost to me once I got married. Thanks Kenny!

All the best,
Glenn B

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DoninSacto said...

I knew it was that one. And I agree.