Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I Just Uncovered A Veritable Horn Of Plenty...

...,in my basement, when I came across an ammo can that I had stored, for some unknown reason although laziness comes to mind, away from all of my other ones. When I opened it I was quite surprised to find two boxes of 45ACP, six boxes of 308 WIN, 1 box of 12 gauge slugs, and several boxes of 22LR of three different brands.

The additional 22LR ammo amounted to just over 17% of the 22LR ammo that I inventoried a mere couple of days ago. Now that may, or may not, total a substantial amount of rounds of additional 22LR ammo that I was surprised to find out I had in my possession. Whether or not it is substantial is subjective and depends on what number of rounds you or I might think substantial. Yet, allow me to point out that if you suddenly discover that you have 17% more of anything of value than you had thought you possessed before the discovery, you should consider yourself very lucky indeed! I am feeling that way tonight - very lucky - for having that additional 17% of 22LR ammo in hand. That my friends is a good thing.

I am a firm believer (almost as an invariable rule but not quite as an absolute) that no good deed goes unpunished. For once, at least, it seems that doing a good deed has gone unpunished and I have actually been rewarded. I was looking through my belongings to find items I  probably will be donating to my local herp society, the LIHS, for its upcoming annual auction next month (our only fund raiser). I pulled something off of a shelf and there it was, that out of place ammo can! What a pleasant find. I think I'll have shot to celebrate now that I have already put the ammo away.

All the best,
Glenn B

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