Wednesday, May 13, 2015

As If I Don't Already Receive Enough Email Advertisements From...

...Sportsman's Guide, today I received a Sportsman's Guide advertisement in an email showing the sender as The Firearm Blog. Normally when I receive an email from another blogger, I open it to read it because I expect it to contain correspondence specifically pertaining to me or my interests or to that blog from whence it came. I certainly do not expect to open such an email to discover it is an advertisement for a third party, nor do I need or want to have to start scanning the title of each email from other bloggers to try to determine if they are advertisements or not. That was about the most uncalled for and unwelcome spam email I have ever received if only because it came under the guise of an email from a firearms type blog!

I sent off an email to TFB to try to determine if they actually sent it out (instead of a spammer or hacker using a similar mail address to theirs) and to find out how I can get myself off of that spam email list without blocking all email from TFB. I am hopeful this is not going to become a major pain in the arse with other bloggers trying to earn a few pennies by sending out spam advertising under the guise of their blogging email addresses. If nothing else can do it, that will kill off my linking to blogs, which take up that spam practice, faster than a speeding bullet would bounce off of Superman's chest.

All the best,
Glenn B

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