Saturday, July 6, 2013

If This Is What Allah Wants - Fuck Allah Where He Breathes...

...preferably with a .45 ACP. I would gladly do it to Allah, to Mohammad and to any of their followers who would attempt to duplicate an attack like this in my presence. Hell, if Jesus Christ, Buddha, Vishnu, or any other god or prophet (or any of their followers) tried likewise, in my presence - I would gladly give each of them an oral enema (or a shot to center mass) with my 1911 in order to protect the innocent from they who are hell bent upon dealing out death and or severe bodily harm to innocents. Many of the dead and injured were children - fuck the cowardly bastards who carried out this attack. See:

I am sick and tired of not saying it as it should be said. FUCK ISLAM if this be what it spreads. Anyone else, in the free world, or any so called moderate Muslims, who do not think that everything and anything must be done to prevent more such killings, in the name of Allah, is a piece of pig shit.

Infidel forever,
Glenn B

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