Sunday, March 20, 2011

Home Depot Bound

What a less than fun way to ruin spend a weekend day, even part of it. Going to Home Depot is not my idea of fun. I had other things planned today once my chores would have been over; that is had the new wireless doorbell I bought at Home Depot actually worked! Our old doorbell was still hanging on the wall and connected to the wires but we have not had a front door bell button for years now. The wiring was fried and causing the bell to overheat. I asked my wife, many times, to go to Home's to pick out a bell. She did not and I forgot all about it. A couple of weeks or so back, I happened to be walking down the electrical aisle at HD and grabbed a doorbell. It was not fancy, not pretty, but had 2 push button units, one for the front and one for the back, or in our case the side door - so I took it.

I finally got round to trying to install it today. That is when I found out it did not work. I went over everything 3 times too. I opened the push button units, took out the tabs that prevented battery contact, made sure the batteries were oriented right, put 3 D batteries into the main bell unit, made sure they were in right, made sure the volume was turned up to high (tried it in the opposite direction too and in the middle),, took out the batteries from the main unit and out them into a flashlight and it shone brightly when I turned it on. I have no way of checking the batteries in the push buttons and am figuring they are the culprits as to what is wrong.

So, as soon as I let off some steam by blogging about it, I am off to Home Depot to make an exchange. Well, actually to get a refund then buy another because they do not allow straight out exchanges which would be so much easier. Happily, I have the receipt. Went there once to bring something back and a manager implied I had stolen it and was returning it to make some money. I got the overall store manager who reamed her a new one much to my satisfaction. As a matter of fact, a few weeks later she was fired for being a jerk toward customers. Most times the folks at Home Depot are nice but that does not make a trip there much easier. I am sure that once I am there I will be thinking of and buying other things I need for the house or garden. There are bound to be way too many other folks there at the same time as me and that is what makes a trip there barely tolerable to miserable. The only good thing is that I can get some things I need for the garden so as to have to make one less trip later when the spring rush is on for garden supplies.

I guess, I'll go right to see my mom after going to Homer's. Then, if I have time, I am going to go to the range to shoot. That always has a calming effect, sort of like meditation or whatever with the concentration and mind/body coordination it takes to do it well. I hope I will have enough time but I will be cutting it close because I have to be home in time for dinner tonight since the daughter's boyfriend is coming over. Speaking of being short on time, I had best get going.

Later 4 U,

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Glenn B said...

The newly exchanged new bell works fine. It is mounted and the side door button is mounted. Ran out of light to do the button for the front door. Next weekend or during the week if I am home any night before dusk.

All the best,