Wednesday, February 2, 2022

So Here's The Plan For Buying Bullion & Ammo... time goes by. I plan to buy gold every month after I pay my monthly bills. Not much, just what I can afford that month so either a 1/4 ounce coin or a 1/10 ounce coin will be the likely monthly purchase. I may buy silver in place of that but that probably then would be a tube of 25 coins. As for ammo, I will buy about two to four boxes per month unless funds allow for more. If I can only afford one of either bullion or ammo, I very likely will forego the ammo in favor of gold or silver depending how I feel at the moment (I have a good amount of ammo but not enough bullion).
If you are short on either, I recommend doing something similar to my plan. I think tougher times are coming - much tougher times than we have lived through in most of our lifetimes and those commodities may help you get through them. How I wish I had bought Rhodium and or Paladium five years ago when either was way down in price as compared to now. Just an ounce of Rhodium at $790.00 per ounce five years ago could have grossed $27,000.00 last April or thereabouts! That is an increase over 34 times its price within 5 years! I had considered buying it at the time but wimped out - shame on me. 
So now, at least I plan to buy at least a bit of security each month. I in no way expect either gold or silver (or for that matter brass, copper & lead) to increase anywhere near a spike like that, in fact they may decrease but either way - up or down - if a fiscal crisis comes about and we become the Venezuela of the north - I will have security to some small degree.

All the best,
Glenn B


riverrider said...

might i suggest some of your bullion purchase be "junk silver" coins? when the dollar craps out, people will recognize silver coins more readily than gold/silver rounds, thus they are more spendable. if you need a ride and all you have is an 800 dollar gold slug, guess how much that ride will cost you. i'm all up on ammo but i got that way by purchasing ammo in bulk, every other month and other needs on the intervening months. in bulk ammo is much cheaper. just a suggestion. good luck reaching your goals.

Glenn B said...

In do not buy gold or silver bars nor rounds. I only buy gold & silver coins. I buy smaller gold coins - have been purchasing 1/4 ounce coins but also plan to buy some 1/10 ounce coins. They are much more expensive per ounce when smaller coins are bought than buying a 1 ounce coin but I get the smaller gold coins essentially because I already agreed with what you said, before you said it, about using too large a coin to try to pay for something. As for silver I only buy 1 ounce coins and I have a decent supply of them stashed in a relatively secure location now. Will buy more soon.

As for buying the smaller coins, I think it not prudent and ill advised if you are buying coins as a 'typical' investment but I do not care as much about investing typically and am buying them as a hedge against catastrophic failure of our economy. I have always figured it would be better to have smaller sized gold coins as opposed to larger ones, if such a failed economy came about, for various reasons but one of the most important is that it would be easier to pay for something with them than paying with a larger coin and having to get 'change' for a larger coin either hoping the other guy has smaller coins for change or one of you a good device with which to cut and weigh the cut portion of you larger coin. It is also a security issue, better to carry closer to just what you need in smaller coins than to carry too much because you only have the larger versions.