Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Can We Cancel Neil Young Please

 In my younger days, I used to like Neil Young songs. Really I did like his music; thus I maybe should find it odd - I never put him into my station on The thing is: I have never liked some things about him, such as: I consider him to be overly opinionated, often anti-USA, piece of shit from Canada who seemingly thinks his own poop smells like roses and who also believes his useless opinion should have some effect on how I and others should think when he lambastes our country, our rights or our citizens.  
As the saying goes, I do not know Joe Rogan from a hole in the wall (I was truly ignorant of his stance on things until just recently when this mess started up). Neil Young is trying to sway me and the rest of our country (especially the twits at Twitter) into canceling Joe Rogan's use of Spotify. Even if I had had Young's music on my Pandora station, I would have removed it by now if Young, whom I consider to be an old, withered, wannabe famous again whining loser, had been included in it.
Screw Neil Young and the whole group of cancel culture musicians who are removing or threatening to remove their music from Spotify (more at the source) and screw Spotify if they buckle under, which I do not think they have done - at least not yet, bless them if they don't.

All the best,
Glenn B

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