Wednesday, April 14, 2021

More Fuel To The Fire That Will Lead To A Revolution

The progressive, liberal, leftist Democrats are at it once again. They are about to introduce legislation to add 4 seats to the Supreme Court in an attempt to pack the court with liberal judges. See: 

While it may be legal, this is an outrage that goes far beyond anything they have attempted since FDR was in the White House. If they succeed you can kiss your Constitutionally protected rights goodbye for a long long time. My guess is that once they have whittled down our rights and liberties with a packed Supreme Court, a revolution in the form of a civil war will not be far behind and hundreds of thousands if not millions of Americans will perish because of this legislation if it passes into law. Leave it to the left to always play dirty and to try to stack the deck in their favor without regard for the true welfare of the American citizen.

Of course, one can hope that just as back in FDR's day, many of those in the Democrat party will vote against it. Even the ultra-liberal Ruth Bader Ginsberg was against packing the Supreme Court; so, there is hope other Democrats will be of like mind now and thus tragedy will be avoided.

All the best,
Glenn B


riverrider said...

back in fdr's day, democrats were liberal, today they're insane.

mitchrodee said...

You can blame McConnell politicizing SCOTUS. He denied Obama’s pick of Merrick Garland, claiming it would be best to let the voters weigh decide via the upcoming election, which was eight months away. But then he hypocritically rammed through Amy Coney Barrett the process just weeks before the last election. McConnell took the gloves off and threw our tradition of not politicizing SCOTUS out the window. Biden is simply doing what McConnell does: win at costs, even if means fighting fire with fire.

Glenn B said...

What McConnell did absolutely had nothing to do with packing the Supreme Court with justices regardless of him doing something that was indeed hypocritical. Nor does what he did justify what Biden or his administration seemingly wants to do with regard to packing the Supreme Court. Yet, you somehow arrive at the conclusion that McConnell is responsible for the actions of Biden and his administration who apparently want to pack the court.

McConnell is not the first hypocrite (nor the first pitiful RINO) in political office nor will he be the last and there are many on all sides; yet, to say that President Biden is doing the same as McConnell, as in to win at all costs, is just you trying to justify the dems trying to pack the court. When you base Biden’s actions upon the wrong doing of another person, you evidently disregard everything that the current president has done that has been hypocritical, or wrong or were examples of him trying to win at any cost, over the course of his less than illustrious 40 plus year career in politics. You seem to make him out as some sort of an angel or at least as someone justifiably taking vengeance by any means at any cost. So tell me; how is that morally justified and how does that help the citizens and legal resident aliens within this country? Anyway, not I will not blame McConnell for what Joe Biden or the current administration does or is trying to do because it is not McConnell trying to do it; that just as I never blamed anyone for what McConnell did since he is the one that did whatever deeds he carried out.

That said, I also must say, I believe McConnell to be a useless POS as far as politics goes (except maybe he was useful to RINOs & to democrats in how much he stuck his head up Obama's arse, in regard to many things, while Obama was president). If you doubt I feel or have felt that way about the old tortoise faced POS, just query him in my blog and you will see (if you can look objectively for once) that I abhor him.

The bottom line is: One wrong does not justify another. At least that is as I see it but, of course, you are free to think differently.

All the best,

mitchrodee said...

McConnell denying Obama the appointment of a justice is a form of packing the Supreme Court. McConnell also denied Obama the seating a whole bunch of judges in the lower courts, too, leaving the vacancies to be filled by Trump. Trump’s appointment several hundred judges packed lower courts with conservative-leaning judges. Trump couldn’t have done so on his own. McConnell made that happen. You say that it was okay because the Republicans held the majority in the Senate and the rules allowed for it, right? Well, if Biden and the Democrats are now in the position to change the rules and expand the court then how is that wrong? It’s only wrong because Republicans didn’t attempt it first.

Glenn B said...

Well Mitch,

That is the last time you put words into my mouth so to speak. Show me where I said anything was all rgiht or where I said that anything McConnell did was okay by me. Yet, you say that I say what he did was okay! WHEN THE FUCK DID I SAY OR EVEN IMPLY THAT! Amazing how you twist everything that I say to fit your narrative.

Do not bother replying, your replies will no longer be accepted here because you make up shit as you go along regarding what I supposedly said or believed and totally twist what I and others have said to support your own personal screwed up agenda.

Did you actually miss the port where I said McConnell is a hypocrite or that I think he is a useless POS (which means piece of shit - since you do not seem to get it I figured I would spell it out)? Of did you miss the part that his wrong does not justify Biden or his administration doing wrong now? I am sick of your absolute one sided ultra-antagonistic juvenile spoiled brat type babbling. Bye.

mitchrodee said...

Dude, you aren’t smart enough to avoid catching COVID-19 yet you live alone. You live alone but still caught a communicable disease. And if you couldn’t conduct yourself in a manner so as to keep yourself from catching it, you probably aren’t smart enough to not pass it along and infect others. So, in addition to being a whiny old snowflake, you’re a thoughtless idiot, too. It’s no wonder why your wife dumped your wrinkly old Depends-wearing ass. It’s you and your generation that threw our once-great country into the crapper.